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Taking the Chill Out of Property Management Winterizations through Lean & Agile

During the colder months, our Property Management team bravely weathers  (pun intended!) a series of winter-related property issues ranging from burst pipes to damaged roofs.  This year, they are utilizing some newly learned Lean and Agile tools to proactively develop a Winterization Strategy to be ahead of the season.

Here’s a quick peek at a tip they successfully used to approach this challenging season:  

  • The team got together to Brain Write everything that comes to mind when working on the issue, including the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Next, they conducted a dot-vote to determine the most critical issues
  • Then they started building a series of process maps on the wall using the "iterative technique" - where ideas are put up on the wall as quickly as possible, and then those ideas are evolved and approved upon through quick bursts of activity.

With the help of these tools and a collaborative, fantastic group dynamic, the team covered much ground quickly and is armed with a plan and new tools to successfully battle the winter weather this year!