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Germany's Service Design with a Sprint

Our team in Germany recently embarked on their first Lean and Agile project. The team was challenged with designing and implementing a dedicated team to manage the delivery of a new service in order to drive efficiencies.  By creating a small but mighty mini-sprint team comprised of just a few individuals (Tilli, Viola, Miriam, Verona), they were able to accomplish the following in just 2 separate 1 hour sessions:

  •  Identify over 50 ideas about benefits, challenges, and questions related to the new V&I team in a 5 minute brain-writing session
  • Layout the current V&I process as it exists today (iteration 1) as well as a first-pass proposal of how the new team will manage files and interact with their DS counterparts (iteration 2)
  • Identify points of redundancy or potential confusion that will need to be addressed in future iterations
  • Create a team spark wall to house new design ideas as they come up

 The team did an amazing job designing a high level MVP which will be layered upon, and were FEARLESS to dive in and put “just enough” information on the wall to get the process going.  Tilly & Viola also did a great job explaining their work to the whole office in the first Show & Tell in Frankfurt.  Up next, the team will redesign their value stream map (iteration 3) and start designing internal communication tools to support the new team and process and get input from other team members as appropriate.  Very impressive work in just 2 hours!  This is the real Dwellworks Experience.

- Max D.