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Legal Gets in on the Fun!

The Lean & Agile process is an incredible tool that is being used throughout the entire company – including in the Legal Department! 

The legal team participated in a “Brain Writing” exercise recently, so that we could initiate the creation of a Compliance Roadmap. Using many multi-colored sticky notes, we came up with quite a list of categories and related tasks that will require our attention in the coming year and ultimately allow us to manage risk and continue to comply with client, government and corporate rules, regulations and requirements.

We thought it was great to have all of our thoughts presented in one place. Mapping everything out on the walls and poster boards really helped us identify issues, organize tasks and plan our next steps. It was also helpful to collaborate with members of our leadership team and receive feedback from them on the areas they felt should be prioritized. Overall, this process has gone well and has been a great experience – we look forward to using other Lean & Agile tools in the future!

- Shelley M