What's Happening

Using Lean and Agile in Germany

The Lean and Agile processes our team has learned can be applied in our decision making, project and process structures, and lead us to results faster. We can get a team together to Brainwrite on different situations to answer any given question by having the group vote on the ideas they feel best answer the question. This process helps us to discover new ways of doing things faster and more efficiently. 

We have used the Lean and Agile approach to develop new teams, who are able to find out what is important for us to function. These team have been able to identify where the red flags are, how our processes be streamlined, and help us reach for higher quality of work and if a specialized, dedicated team is needed for the process. 

All team members are “heard” even the ones who don’t typically speak up in a group which is strengthening our team structure. All colleagues are involved in the change process and thus get empowered to drive decisions. Motivation rises and all colleagues are involved in the process.

Using the Lean and Agile approach is opening our eyes to old structures and leading us to question them. We are finding more efficient and innovative ways of doing things by questioning these structures. The whole process has helped us to move forward as an active and creative team to stay on top of development and be conscious of what will benefit our clients. As a result we are saving time on administrative work, and using it to better service our clients.

- Corinna T