What's Happening

...And More Tools!

Here's a few more tools we learned that we are excited to bring back to our teams for integration into our daily interactions.

Fist-to-Five – This is a voting system where everyone votes on a proposal using their hands and the following scale: 

-      Fist: If somebody makes a fist, they are completely against the proposal

-      Five: If somebody shows all five fingers, they are completely in agreement with the proposal

-      If somebody holds up 2 fingers or less, then the group discusses it and comes up with a proposal where everyone votes 3 fingers or higher

Often times someone that votes a 2 can change the whole group’s opinion and make the team see a new perspective!  This makes sure no point is ignored.


Standup Meetings – The Lean & Agile team has a morning “Standup” meeting each day where everyone stands goes around and shares what they learned the day before and what the look forward to that day.  A football is passed around the group and only the individual with the football can speak, and they should only speak for a couple minutes.  By standing instead of sitting, everyone is engaged and the meeting moves quickly in a meaningful manner.  Try them in your office!!!!