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Guess What's Cooking?

Day One of Sprint One
Guess what's cooking at Dwellworks? Believe it or not, we discussed Thanksgiving dinner today! So what does that have to do with Sprint One? This was an exercise in brain writing (see earlier posts for definition) and figuring out sizing and capacity for a team. Each team member was asked to write on the wall what items they'd bring or want at Thanksgiving dinner. Next, each person described how to make the dish/item ...and then categorized the dishes into 'most complex' and 'least complex' to make. We assigned a rating scale so that we could eventually size them (like we would an upcoming project or process enhancement!).  As you can see, both Jello and Pumpkin Pie were determined to be the 'lowest' or least complex. And Turkey with Gravy was voted as most complex. Believe me, if you heard the description of how Cat makes her Turkey with Gravy ...you'd agree that it was both complex and delicious.  And, if you're wondering why Jello and Pumpkin Pie are considered the least complex ... you'll need to reach out to John Fischer or Kelly Dorsch ... for an explanation.  Happy (early) Thanksgiving Everyone!