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Hello from Sprint Zero - week Two

Hello from Week Two of Sprint Zero!
We wanted to share some of the exciting activity that has taken place the past two weeks in the Detroit office as the first Lean & Agile team works through “Sprint Zero”.  What do these “Sprint” terms mean?

+ During the initial Deep Dive in our Cleveland office, the team learned new collaboration tools to introduce to all of our offices. We also began to list the critical processes that would provide the most value if improved.

+ Spring Zero is wrapping up today and is the “Planning Phase” for the upcoming process improvement work. In Sprint Zero, the team began to analyze our most critical and painful processes and began planning the actual improvements to make.

+ In Sprint One, the team will  start improving our processes based on the organized plan established in the previous sprint.

During the past two weeks in Sprint Zero, the team collaborated to identify the first DS process slated for improvement. Sprints are short burst of highly organized activity where we make small but meaningful changes as quickly and controlled as possible. In the picture above, you can see a Value Stream Map that the team built in Detroit – it is 35 feet or 11 meters long and identifies where the most painful process points exist. Next, the team used a Process Change Rating System to understand how changing these processes will improve efficiency and/or quality scores.  Next week we look forward to determining which process we will be improving!