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New Tools To Use!

Deep Dive
We are learning new techniques and tools to help us in our daily business life.  Here's a few tools we discussed today that we will bring back to our teams: 

Sticky Note Walls – We learned the value of writing our ideas on sticky notes and placing them on the walls. Humans are very visual learners and this helps people see the whole and consider more points than could be gained just from talking. We are encouraging our associates to keep sticky notes and markers in each meeting room across the globe so everyone can start thinking visually!

Dot voting – Once the ideas are on a wall with sticky notes, the team can vote on proposals or suggestions by giving everyone 1, 2 or 3 dots to vote with (the dots can be made with stickers or just a marker!).  Everyone gets to spend their dot votes as they choose and then the total is tallied.

Brainwriting – You have probably heard of Brainstorming where people sit in a group and speak about ideas to solve a problem or address an issue. Sometimes, only the loudest or bravest person gets their ideas discussed. In Brainwriting, everyone spends 5 quiet minutes writing their ideas down and then passes them to the meeting leader to be shared.  This way all ideas are heard.