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Good exercise in lean thinking, this is ...

Week Three of Sprint One
We struggled a bit with the title of this post ... the other idea was "The Force is strong with us during our journey to enlightenment..."  - I think we went with the better choice though.

We are halfway through Sprint One - and as you can see behind Yoda (I'm pretty sure he's elevating the boards), we are gathering up the team's ideas and running them through our Process Change Scorecard board (PCS). The PCS is the critical step in making a decision about an idea or process change - regardless of where it comes from. We're excited to say, we are evaluating over 50 different 'ideas' already - and finding all sorts of connected and amazing opportunities.

More to come on how we narrow down our next steps, next sprint .... and set the PCS (and Yoda) in action.

May The PCS Be With You!   www.starwars.com