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Another Tool - Six Thinking Hats

A Different Point of View….

One of the coolest tools we have started using over the past few weeks is the concept of Six Thinking Hats.  This is an exercise where the meeting moderator wears the Blue hat and leads the discussion.  The moderator’s role is to walk the team through the different “hats”, these “hats” help everyone look at the issue from the same perspective to keep the meeting on target, avoid conflict and get things accomplished.  The group works through the White hat where we note only the facts.  Then we go to the Yellow hat where we highlight everything that is positive with the idea.  We then put on the Black hat where we play devil’s advocate and bring up all of the negatives with the idea.  The sharing of all of these positive ideas and then the negative ideas help to get the thoughts flowing as we head into the Green hat.  With the Green hat we start to write out new ideas to help us address the issue.  We then close out with the Red hat where the meeting participants are allowed to express their feelings about the topic without ruffling feathers.

I am probably not doing this topic justice, but in practice we have seen Six Thinking Hats help us tackle some very complex or highly emotional processes and come up with some very viable change ideas to address the identified issue in a very short period of time.