What's Happening

Using What We've Learned

Life in the aftermath of our initial Lean Learning kickoff, and embarking into the Dwellworks Experience has been very fruitful.  First, for me personally, it’s helped me to get better organized.  I utilize an online tool similar to what we used during the sprints, and I’ve created a backlog and road map of what I do on a daily basis.  It’s proven to keep me on task, which is a huge help for me!  

As a department, we also formed a team for our Supplier Transition Plan.  We’re utilizing brain writing, have established a team agreement, and are keeping track of our progress as we move forward.  It’s been cool to see how everything we learned in the 5 weeks is becoming a definitive part of our culture.  As long as we use it, we won’t lose it!  It’s been great to see others get on board with this as well, using tools when and where appropriate.  It’s very, very encouraging to see how things are coming together and how this is becoming more and more a part of our meetings, conversations, the way we do business and even staying organized at home!