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Mexico Adopts Lean and Agile Thinking

Learning about the Lean and Agile process was awesome! It was great that we were able to see on paper each and every single part of the process. We do these so naturally every day that we don’t even acknowledge them. 

I also found it very interesting identifying the parts of the process that some of us do differently! It was outstanding how our heads were on the same channel and were all bringing ideas together at the same time.

I was incredibly impressed when I got to see clearly on every sticky note and arrow, parts of the process that are simply unnecessary. There is so much we can get into order to adjust the process and provide much more efficient services so everyone on the team does what they have to do.

I know this is just the beginning of a learning and adjustment process but I am confident and pretty enthusiastic that this will work since it involves EVERYONE and everyone’s ideas are able to be shared and listened making each person and important part of the development of a new set of processes.

- Alejandra A