Values & Elements of Engagement

Since our founding in 2007, our culture has been grounded in our five core values:

Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Innovation, and Fun. 

Recently, we honed our focus on how we live those values each day. We formed seven teams comprised of cross-functional associates from around the globe to reflect on how we work with each other, our customers, our service partners, and our global communities. These teams collaborated to develop our Elements of Engagement:

Be Accountable – do what you say, say what you do

Be Collaborative – listen, connect, engage

Be Fearless – embrace change, innovate

Be Passionate – believe in what you do, live to make an impact

Be Respectful – appreciate differences, cultivate trust

Be the Experience!

Our associates have begun purposefully incorporating these Elements into our regular communications and daily activities, so we never lose sight of the fact that we are all responsible for creating the Dwellworks Experience. Our next step is using these Elements as guideposts to look at ourselves and our business critically as we embark on future projects with our team and our customers. Our associates thrive on collaborating together, thinking like the customer, and always seeking to improve the Dwellworks Experience.